Snoozey - Wireless Bluetooth Sleep Mask 💤

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The most comfortable Sleep Mask you'll ever try! 
Snoozey is scientifically proven to improve your sleep! With a 100% black out eye mask & noise cancellation, sleep has never been so peaceful.  

 Fall asleep faster, without interruptions! 

100% blocks out light & noise 

Relieves insomnia & stress

Ultra soft and comfortable for any type of sleeper

Built in Bluetooth headphones for listening to your favorite calming music, audiobook, podcasts & more!

Get the Best Sleep Possible!

Snoozey is designed to provide the deepest sleep possible anywhere, anytime! It's small yet comfortable feel is perfect for deep sleep, travel, mediation and relaxation.

Blocking external light and listening to calming, relaxing audio is the key to a higher quality sleep

  Enjoy an immersive audio experience with your favorite sounds, audiobooks, podcasts and more while you sleep and wake up rejuvenated!  


 Block out any annoyances like snoring, tv/phone, neighbors, roommates and more with our noise cancelling style!

Say Goodbye to Damaging your Ears with Uncomfortable Earbuds! 

 Traditional earbuds damage your ears after multiple uses, especially if you use them as you sleep. They can cause painful inflammation around your ear cartilage which can result with minor hearing loss! 

Snooze away with Snoozey, the Ultimate Choice!