SecretLift- Adhesive Bra

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You can kiss your strap showing days goodbye!

There is a far more comfortable way of keeping your breasts in place! SecretLift is a soft-silicone-supporter that can save you from the embarrassing strap showing days, while making you look sexier than ever! Our support is strong enough FOR ANY BREAST SIZE, try yours risk free today!

The cups attach right on your breasts without needing any tight and uncomfortable straps to give you a braless look that’s perfect for styling summer outfits or formal dresses!

You won’t even miss the push-up bra, SecretLift uplifts your breasts to stop the sag and enhance cleavage! Keep your breasts supported, stable and sexy without ever needing a bra again.

Why SecretLift is for you 

No more embarrassing straps - Wear your favorite outfits, guilt free and support your breasts without having any messy straps showing!

Uplift your confidence- Boost not only your breasts but your confidence as well with our seamless design, and forget dealing with uncomfortable bras.

Fast & pain-free- Easily apply and re-use your SecretLift for any occasion at anytime!

SecretLift is the perfect choice- Free yourself of the regular bra, enjoy a far sexier, comfortable and supportive look with SecretLift!

How to care for your SecretLift 

To get the most out of your secret, it is best to apply the bra to skin that is free from oils, lotions, powders, or moisturizers. Basically, as soon as you dry off from the shower it is the best time to apply the bra. Then you can get ready and not worry about anything getting in-between the adhesive and your skin. Wash by hand in warm water and mild soap. Let it air dry and then you are ready to wear the SecretLift again!