Quilly - Cozy Sleeved Blanket

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"I love my Quilly! It's very soft and perfect for when I work from home. It wraps around my entire body keeping me warm and cozy but still mobile to be productive during my day. Also great for travelling, especially road trips. Honestly, it goes with me everywhere!" 

- Rebecca C. 
 Verified Buyer 

The Perfect Blanket For Cozy Winters

Winter is emerging and with it comes the feeling of being cold, an unpleasant sensation that can lead to a hibernation urge, or becoming unproductive in your days. The human body is built to always maintain a stable core temperature of 37 degrees Celsius, so when we are chilly, blood vessels constrict causing the body to work harder, which could lead to attributes of feeling tired and sluggish. 

That's why we created Quilly, the perfect oversized quilt blanket that will keep your body warm and cozy as if you were laying under covers, while still letting you use your hands and body for efficiency! Quilly is useful for many occasions, including working from home, binging movies, reading, using it to sleep, and it is even great for bringing with you on the go! Feel warm and secure anytime, just throw on your Quilly! 

 Why Quilly Is For You

Better Than Covers

 There's something special about being wrapped up in your favorite blanket- Quilly allows your entire body to feel warm, cozy, and comfortable all day long without the need to stay in bed! Feel the giant hug of our soft blanket even while you're doing things around the house. 

 Stays In Place 

Quilly won't fall off your shoulders like traditional blankets, rest assured that it will stay in place while you move around! Our oversized sleeves will allow you to use your hands and arms freely, and the zipper function allows you to wear Quilly like a sweater for amazing functionality and comfort!

Quilted With Care

Quilly uses an exquisite and unique quilting technology that combines artistic endeavors, both representing character and style! Quilly is sourced from the highest quality of plush cotton and has fine stitching that, making it extra soft and very light for ultimate luxury!

Multipurpose Use

Snuggling into your Quilly is the perfect addition to your morning coffee, while you watch tv, work at your home office, take a nap, or just lounge around at home! With our sleeve design, you can choose to use Quilly to keep you feeling cozy and secure for many occasions!

Simple and Instant

As soon as the cold hits, you can easily pull on your Quilly fast and convienctly. It works instantly to cover you entirely and shelter body heat to warm you up, even during the coldest days! 


We understand that winters can be challenging due to cold weather, and dressing warmly is key to combat the chill, but wearing layers of clothing around the house can be uncomfortable. In addition, turning up the heat in homes can be expensive and cause a fortune in energy bills. The average annual cost to heat a 2200 square foot home in America is a whopping $2168 per year!  

Thankfully Quilly is made to keep you warm and cozy all winter long, without the need to stay in bed or blast the heat! Any piece of furniture can be a bed when you are snuggled inside our soft and plush blanket! Quilly is fantastic for many occasions  with our oversized sleeves that allow for full mobility of your arms! Whatever your day holds, now you can stay wrapped and snuggled inside your favourite blanket all day long!


1X Quilt Sleeved Blanket 
Material: Plush Cotton and Polyester 
Size: 120 X160 cm / 47.24 x 62.99 inchs
*Machine washable without deformation. 

Our Guarantee 
Try your Quilly Risk-Free. We believe in the quality of our products, that is why we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. 

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