Orthobloom-Flower Printed Sandal

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The perfect footwear for a comfy summer

 Designed by orthopedics, Orthobloom sandals help improve posture and relieve foot, knee, hip and back pain even on the longest days! 

Unlike typical hard bottoms, Orthobloom’s are made with a nano-foam and memory foam insole to keep your posture stable and support you with incredible softness.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable hard bottoms, with Orthoblooms you can spend a whole day walking on clouds!

Why Orthobloom are for you

Free your feet- Give your feet all the summer freedom they need, Ortobloom’s open-toed design is the perfect choice for the hot days!

Step on clouds- Want to enjoy the summer, even more, let your feet sink into Ortobloom’s nano-foam to feel like you are walking on clouds!

Orthopedic support- Don’t let the hard sole hurt your feet, keep your soles healthy, stable and supported during your long walks!

Ortobloom is the ultimate choice- Step out feeling free and comfy down below, support your feet with the orthopedician's choice of footwear!