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"I am obsessed with this face mask machine. My go to is making an orange juice mask, I love the hydration and extra Vitamin C for my face. The masks come out easily, it's fun to use and my complexion is loving all the natural benefits of fresh ingredients!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Katy H.
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Having glowing, radiant skin symbolizes the epitome of health and beauty, and a flawless complexion is most often desired. However sometimes skincare is neglected, skin becomes dry, and tiredness creates inflammatory patches under the eyelids. Skin issues, such as acne and wrinkles start to arise from a mix of bad products used, hormones, environmental conditions, and stress, which can feel disheartening to see on the face.

Introducing Nutrient Glo™, a do-it-yourself face mask machine that creates all-natural nutrient-packed facials without any harsh toxins, making it suitable for all skin conditions! Treat acne scars, blackheads, fine lines, dryness, and more with customized high absorbency masks made at home. This machine can be used with a variety of natural juices such as anti-aging fruit acids, along with added collagen tablets to regenerate skin cells and promote healthy cellular growth for a more youthful appearance in minutes!

 Reasons You'll Love Nutrient Glo™

✅ NATURAL & SAFE: Nourish skin with vitamin-packed fruits and vegetables, tea, milk, honey, essential oils, herbs, flowers, eggs, and other natural substances without the use of preservatives. A toxic-free mask that will not clog pores but instead leave a luminous glow to the face. 

✅ VARIETY OF OPTIONS: There are endless natural juices to use when creating a Nutrient Glo™ mask for customized treatments. Add essential oils or mix juices to provide skin with different benefits each time to help with skin health and vitality for a truly radiant look.

Help combat the signs of aging by adding the included collagen tablets to each mask. This helps the mask solidify while improving skin elasticity, reducing visible wrinkles, and increasing blood flow to the skin for a youthful appearance. 

✅ COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTION: Nutrient Glo™ masks can provide a healing solution for problematic skin with most conditions as each mask can be customized. Save money and time by prolonging visits between medical facials and designing unlimited masks at home. 

All natural fruity facials will form into a gel textured mask that is suitable for all face types. The fruit and vegetable essence will highly absorb into the skin, with no added preservatives the masks are always fresh for a hydrating treatment. 

✅ FUN FOR ALL: Nutrient Glo™ is fun, quick, and easy to use at any time for an at-home spa-like facial. Making masks, being creative, and following new recipes is an enjoyable activity to do with family and friends on any occasion!

Anti-Aging Benefits of Fruit in Skin Care

Fruit acids, also called “alpha hydroxy acids" (AHAs), are natural and very beneficial to be used on the skin, even sensitive skin that normally does not respond well to harsher cosmetic products. AHA’s, on the whole, provide the following anti-aging benefits: 
  • Promotes a more even look
  • Enhances hydration, creates a natural dewy glow
  • Gently exfoliates
  • Fades the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Creates a firmer and tighter look
  • Skin looks and feels softer and smoother
  • Reduces the effects of environmental stressors

Examples of Ingredient Benefits 

Instructions for Use

DIY Nutrient Glo™ Mask Maker + Collagen Pills

1. Pour 60ml of water and 20ml of fruit juice into the mask machine
2. Add collagen tablet
3. Press the power button
4. The mask will be made in 5 minutes
5. Outflow of mask after 5 minutes
6. Allow mask to set for 2 minutes and then apply to face for 15 - 20 minutes

We understand that having problematic skin can lead to major insecurities and a lack of confidence. It can be extremely difficult to achieve and maintain a healthy complexion, and factors that feel beyond one's control can contribute to facial impurities. This can make us feel frustrated and hopeless in the fight for clear skin. Conditions such as acne, rosacea, dryness, and premature fine lines are very common as it affects 1/3 of Americans at any given time (National Center for Health, 2022)

Thankfully, Nutrient Glo™ is designed to offer a refreshing at-home solution to aid in the regeneration and nourishment of skin cells with healthy vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to promote a radiant and youthful look. By pouring the juice of a natural solution of choice, and adding a boost of collagen, a press of a button will create a customized mask in minutes! Help vanish facial impurities and treat your skin to a heavenly nutritional face mask that is uniquely created by you!


Product Specifications: 

Material: ABS + Stainless steel
Color: White
Voltage: AC 110 - 240
Machine Weight: 450 g
Machine Size: 119 x 119 x 165 mm

Package Includes: 

1 x Nutrient Glo™ Mask Machine
1 x Mask Plate 
1 x Cleaning Brush 
1 x User Manual 
1 x Measuring Cup 
1 x 32 Collagen Tablets 

Our Guarantee

Try Nutrient Glo™ Risk-Free. We believe in the quality of our products, that is why we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. 

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