MuscleVibe™ - Vibrating Foam Roller

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"I bring this little guy around everywhere, I absolutely love how effective it is at massaging away the muscle aches I get and relieving the tension before and after workouts. It allows me to train harder while being safe to prevent injury." 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  - Stan W. 
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The Ultimate Massaging Device 

Muscles are constantly being used in the human body to perform basic tasks, and they are especially worked during vigorous exercise. Over time, these muscles become overused and sore from microscopic damage to the muscle fibers that result in feelings of tension and stiffness. These aches and pains can be frustrating to deal with and affect the success of workouts and overall quality of life.

Introducing MuscleVibe™, a small, yet effective vibrating foam roller that works to release tension within muscle fascia and promote soothing ease for achy constraints. Improve the body's range of motion and prevent injury by properly warming up muscles with a heating mode that has four levels of vibration, from soft to intense to offer maximum relief. With soft, yet precise pressurized points, it's fun and easy to roll the discomfort away and experience a new way to recover.

Reasons You'll Love MuscleVibe™

✅ INSTANT RELIEF: MuscleVibe™ can be used anytime pain arises for instant and soothing tension relief. Simply turn it on, choose between four intensities of vibrations, and apply it to the muscle area for a fast recovery.

✅ HEATING FUNCTION: A gentle heating occurs when using MuscleVibe™ to warm up the body and increases blood circulation. With warmed-up muscles, it is easier to release the tension within the fascia's connective tissue. 

The vibrations used in Musclevibe™ deeply penetrate the layers of muscle fascia to encourage healthy blood flow. This is a key factor to increase flexibility and help prevent injuries in the gym.

IMPROVE RANGE OF MOTION: MuscleVibe™ helps target hard-to-reach areas that stretching alone would miss, allowing for greater flexibility and muscle relaxation. An increased range of motion helps with overall comfort and wellness.

 Easing tension with MuscleVibe™ lengthens the skeletal muscles from a constructed to a relaxed position. Comfortably stand, sit, and move with better posture and confidence.

✅ PORTABLE & COMPACT: MuscleVibe™ is smaller than regular foam rollers as it's designed to offer effective spot treatment. Bring it on the go, or to the gym to use during workouts as it fits right in a bag. 


We understand it is important to take care of our bodies and prevent injury where possible, especially as we age since skeletal muscles can begin to slow down in recovery rate. It can feel exasperating to be sore before a workout and even cause a lack of motivation to continue the exercise. Skeletal muscles comprise 30-40% of total body mass, which creates lots of opportunities for pain and tension to arise, whether it be strenuous exercise or everyday activities (ClevelandClinic, 2020).

Thankfully, MuscleVibe™ is designed to alleviate pain quickly from tight and tense muscles to provide soothing relief. With four modes of vibrational intensities and precise pressurized points, MuscleVibe™ penetrates into the deep layers of muscle fascia to effectively ease stiffness and pain. Experience a better workout with faster recovery by rolling away the body tension, and feel the absolute best during the next sweat session!


Product Specifications

Dimensions: 17cm x 9 cm
Weight: 0.4 kg
Power: USB Rechargeable 


Our Guarantee

Try  MuscleVibe™ Risk-Free. We believe in the quality of our products, that is why we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. 

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