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"I love Mug Hug™, it is the cutest warmer that keeps my morning coffee hot and fresh for hours! It's perfect for when I'm working from home and on zoom calls all day, I just sit it at my desk and enjoy sipping the sweet taste of a fresh brew!" 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  - Melissa H.
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There is something special about the taste of freshly roasted coffee or a luscious herbal tea at the dawn of sunrise, but often our days get busy and that lovely cup of goodness starts to get cold as we drink it. The satisfying sensation of sipping on a hot drink diminishes as time goes on, and drinks start to taste less desirable. This often times leads us to throw out and waste some of our drinks, costing us money.

Introducing Mug Hug™, an electric warming coaster that effectively works to keep liquids at an ideal drinking temperature for hours at a time! Mug Hug™ aids in preserving flavor, and fortifies the sweet aromas in drinks as it gently warms liquids to the desired heat level. With the touch of a button, enjoy the comfort of a tasteful drink longer, as it conveniently sits on your desk for any time use! 

  Reasons You'll Love Mug Hug™!

TEMPERATURE CONTROL SETTINGS - Mug Hug™ offers three adjustable temperature settings, 55 °C, 65 °C and 75°C for the perfect desired warmth. With the smart touch feature, setting temperatures is simple and easy! 

FLAVOR PRESERVATION - Let the last sip taste just as good as the first sip with Mug Hug™. This warming coaster will keep drinks hot and tasteful as it works to enhance natural aromas for up to 8 hours!

 CONVENIENT DESIGN - Mug Hug™ offers a sleek and slender shape, with a soft silicone finish making it easily portable for at home or the office. Use with any favorite cup and enjoy as it quickly and quietly heats up all beverages of choice!

  MULTIFUNCTIONAL - Mug Hug™ warmer is ideal for a variety of liquids, including coffee, tea, baby bottles of milk, soups, and even candles! Get the most use out of this warmer that is both functional and stylish.

We understand how life can get busy, and sometimes that newly made drink can be forgotten or sipped on until it becomes cold and undesirable in taste. Microwaving drinks break down the aromas, which are the key element for giving flavor. It also can leave beverages too hot which can lead to an awful and frustrating feeling of burning the tongue. 

Thankfully, Mug Hug™ can maintain the warmth of drinks and bring out the delicious tastes, just like a freshly poured cup. Enjoy and find comfort in hot beverages for hours on end, and improve the overall drinking experience with this stylish and functional coaster. Mug Hugs™ slim design makes it the perfect office accessory, it's the ultimate choice to enhance any coffee lover's day!


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