Meow Ball™ - Interactive Scratch Post

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"This is the best cat toy/ scratcher post in one! I've tried many scratch posts before, but my cat loves this and actually uses it because of how much fun she has with it. It's helps trim her nails and keeps my furniture safe!" 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  - Helen P. 
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We love our cats, but sometimes their claws leave unpleasant marks on our furniture, causing permanent damage to our favorite couches and chairs. Keeping our cats occupied during the day to help prevent this behavior is important, but finding the time to constantly play with them is not always achievable. Attempting to repair or replace furniture can also be incredibly expensive, and most scratch posts are ineffective. 

Introducing Meow Ball™, a fun and interactive scratching toy that helps relieve cats boredom and protects household furniture! The unique ball design is made with durable sisal fiber, and continues to roll with every scratch! Cats are very curious by nature, using Meow Ball™ will let them explore natural instincts and keep them entertained, watch as they spin Meow Ball and enjoy endless amounts of play!

Reasons Why Meow Ball™ Will Change Your Life!  

PROTECT FURNITURE - With Meow Ball™ cats now have a healthy alternative to cure their instinctual scratching urges! They can safely use Meow Ball™ as a scratching post and toy, leaving your furniture untouched!  

SATISFY CURIOSITY - Relieve boredom and correct behavior by satisfying cats' natural desire to play and explore! Keep them entertained with Meow Ball's™ fun and interactive design with plenty of surface area to jump on! 

✅ MADE WITH NATURAL MATERIALS - Meow Ball™ is carefully made with high-quality woven sisal rope wrapped around a sturdy sphere with a wood stand. Our materials are non-toxic and safe for any feline to play on any occasion! 

 ENDLESS FUN - Watch cats play with Meow Ball™ for hours as they spin the ball and scratch away! Meow Ball™ also promotes healthy nail growth, tones muscles, and alleviates stress for a happier cat! 


We understand that although extremely cute, cats can sometimes wreak havoc in homes, especially when their claws scratch and damage our favorite furniture. This can feel very frustrating to see new marks in your home, and correcting this undesirable behavior is a challenge. The thought of declawing a furry friend is inhumane, however finding a way to protect expensive furniture is crucial. 

Thankfully, cats can now use Meow Ball™, a uniquely designed scratch post, and toy all in one! This fun and playful ball is sure to keep your cat entertained for days, their claws will love the feel of the woven sisal fiber and the round shape gives plenty of surface to dig their paws into! Satisfy cats natural urge to scratch, and see cats have tons of fun playing with Meow Ball™, the ultimate scratching post!

Package Includes: 
1 x Meow Ball™ 


Product Specifications: 
Sisal rope fibers, wood
18cm x 18cm x 16cm 


Our Guarantee 

Let your Kitty try Meow Ball™ Risk-Free! We believe in the quality of our products, that is why we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. 

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