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"My showers feel cleaner, my hair is not dry anymore, and my eczema is getting so much better. I am truly amazed at how refreshing a shower is now, I didn't realize that chemicals were causing so many health issues!"

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Taking a shower can be a relaxing part of the day with the right water pressure, temperature, and showerhead. However, many people are unaware of the level of unwanted chemicals that reside in groundwater, such as chlorine, sulfates, and heavy metals. High levels of these substances are referred to as Hard Water, and toxins contained in hard water coat the surfaces of faucets, drains, skin, and hair causing damage to both home and body. 

Introducing Ionic H2O™, a filtration showerhead composed of natural minerals and ions that purify water and remove up to 98% of harmful substances. This provides a clean and refreshing shower experience, while also delivering healthy minerals to nourish the body. Rejuvenate skin with a noticeably softer complexion, and revitalize hair for a silkier shine after each use. Improve water usage, pressure utilization, and more with this advanced, eco-friendly, spa-like shower head.  

Reasons You'll Love Ionic H2O™

✅ IMPROVE HEALTH: Ionic H2O™ will produce purified ionic water that contains negatively charged ions, which are known to promote many health benefits. Naturally increase metabolism, decrease blood pressure and experience greater energy levels with each shower.

✅ DOUBLE FILTRATION: Water passes through the infrared beads, which filter chemicals to produce clean water that is then filtered through anion ions to release healthy minerals. This process restores healthy pH levels from groundwater to deliver a safe and refreshing shower.  

  Ionic H2O™ offers three modes of water distribution for adjustable shower abilities, jetting for a deep clean, rainfall for mist, and a massage mode for pressurized water. Experience a new standard for relaxation and efficiency with spa-like settings at home.

✅ REVITALIZE HAIR & SKIN: Purifying water and supplying healthy minerals allows moisturizers and conditioners to penetrate deeper into both skin and hair follicles. A noticeable difference in skin vitality and hair renewal is possible for a boost of confidence. 

The micro nozzle technology has small and dense holes which increase the speed of water by 200%, while also saving water usage by 30% from the steady flow. Less water with more pressure saves time and money compared to traditional showerheads.

✅ EASY TO INSTALL: With a universal fit, this showerhead meets the standard G1/2 interface and is suitable for most hoses and brackets or shower connection arms. It is easily twisted into the hose and can be installed within minutes without any required tools.

Achieve Soft Water for Increased Hair & Skin Health 

What Exactly Is Hard Water?

Water is classified as 'Hard' when it has a high concentration of compounds like chlorine, limestone, heavy metals and bacteria. 

Hard water damages hair & skin by leaving behind small deposits of these harsher compounds that coat hair follicles and serve as a barrier to moisturizers and conditioners. With these deposits on the follicle, moisturizers can’t penetrate through it causing hair to become brittle and dry over time which can result in hair loss. This also contributes to skin irritation by altering your natural moisture levels, which is especially problematic for individuals that have sensitive skin or suffer from eczema. The minerals can also clog pores, especially on the face resulted in acne and dry skin.

How Ionic H2O™ Softens Water 

Our advanced technology will make a huge impact not only to skin and hair but also in water costs. As water passes through the showerhead it will undergo a double-filtration method. Infrared minerals will absorb the hash toxins, purifying water, which then will pass through Anion (negative) ions that add healthy minerals and neutralize water pH levels. 

The end result is a 30-35% savings in water, ~200% increase in water pressure, smoother skin, reduced oil secretion, increased vitality of cells, improved cleansing and prevention against hair loss.  

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 *It is recommended to change filtration beads every 3-6 months depending on municipal water quality for optimal purification. 

We understand that to look and feel the best we need to stay healthy, and showering in hard water with high levels of toxins can prevent skin and hair from optimal vitality. It can be frustrating to spend money on high-end face and hair products when in fact it is the water we use to shower that causes damage and prevents those products from penetrating into the body. Hard water can be found in nearly 90 percent of American homes, and can negatively contribute to overall health (World Health Organization, 2019).

Thankfully, Ionic H2O™ is designed to filter and purify groundwater with advanced ions to provide a healthier shower experience with the cleanest water. Soft water will help reduce hair loss, increase shine, allow for smoother skin and prevent facial impurities. The soothing 3-mode water settings can rejuvenate the senses and reduce stress with increased water pressure, which also saves in water usage! Achieve a new way to shower for cost efficiency, healthier skin and softer hair, and a boost in confidence with a radiant glow! 


Material: ABS Material, Stainless Steel, Chrome 
Dimensions: 9.5" x 3' x 3.5" 

Package Includes:

1 x Ionic H2O™  Mineral Filtration Showerhead

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Try Ionic H2O™ Risk-Free. We believe in the quality of our products, that is why we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. 

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