GlowWish-Vanity Makeup Mirror

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The simple way to facial perfection

GlowWish gives you an uneven advantage in the beauty world! With its power, you can easily work around your imperfections to create the most beautiful you possible!

Turn on the 5X magnification and illuminate your face using one of the three bright LED lights to spot every imperfection and put up your makeup with surgical precision!

Every professional tool of the studio you’ll find in our easily carryable vanity mirror. Don’t compromise with your beauty, achieve a flawless facial look you want to show the world!

Why GlowWish is for you

In the spotlight- Highlight every detail of your skin to easily create your flawless facial look, you are ready for the spotlight!

Perfect your look- Don’t let anything slip by, use the 5X magnification to catch and work on any imperfection that appears on your face!

Illuminating beauty- Always work in daylight, choose between the natural LED lights to create the perfect illumination for your skin!

GlowWish is the ultimate choice- Create an unrivaled facial look, GlowWish gives you all the tools you need to achieve perfection behind the mirror!