Flawsy- Foundation Brush

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Why Flawsy is for you

Create a seamless foundation- Flawsy provides a smooth blendy finish for you to achieve a seamless and natural look.

Perfect spread on any skin- Flawsy conforms to your facial curves nicely. You’ll always get total coverage and full spread.

No product goes to waste- Only the tip absorbs the product so nothing gets wasted. You only need a small quantity to look dashing!

Flawsy is the ultimate choice- This brush creates the perfect foundation density with simple strokes. It's beautiful petal handle design makes it easy to use for fast and seamless foundation applications. Flawsy is the best make up brush out there! 

Achieve a flawless makeup look

Flawsy is the makeup brush for flawless foundation applications. It delivers the perfect finish that gives a smooth and seamless look on your skin.

The superb density, with over 198,000 soft yet condense bristles allows you to blend perfectly all liquids and powders. The pointed ends fit perfectly around the small areas of your face, so you never miss a spot!

Flawsy shears the right amount of product to bring the best results. Try Flawsy for your next night out and get the flawless look you deserve!