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"I game a lot and could feel my posture worsen and my wrists start to fatigue. ErgoRest helps to alleviate pressure on my joints, it's comfortable and fits right at mt desk. A great accessory for any computer user." 

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Sitting at a desk is almost inevitable these days but with the repetitive movements of typing and using the computer mouse, work-related injuries are becoming more common.  Frequent computer usage can result in health issues, such as increasing the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis in the hands and wrists. Without a proper desk setup, wrist fatigue often occurs alongside poor posture, which can contribute to an undesirable "hunchback" appearance. 

Introducing ErgoRest™, an attachable armrest for desks that provides premium ergonomic support for shoulders, elbows, and wrists. ErgoRest™ helps to alleviate common aches and pains in the upper body from sitting at the computer all day, and with 360-degree rotation and flexibility, there is absolute free movement. Create a desirable level of comfort for a healthy workstation that can correct posture, increase focus, and promote less fatigue while working and playing longer!

Reasons Why Ergo Rest™ Will Change Your Life 

✅ ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED: soft, concave-shaped pad keeps the forearm well supported and allows even weight distribution from the hands to the upper body. Effectively alleviate pressure on the wrists and forearms and relish the sensation of proper body alignment.

✅ FULLY ADJUSTABLE: Suitable for both right and left-hand users, ErgoRest™ offers full versatility with a 5-level height adjustment and 360-degree swivel rotations. Daily computer tasks can be done with ease as this unique design allows for comfortable and effortless free movement.

The supportive nature of ErgoRest™ provides comfort to the wrists, forearms, elbows, and lumbar spine through the guided relief of back elongation. Maintain a healthy posture while sitting at any desk with the ultimate ergonomic position.

✅ VISION CARE: While looking at a computer screen, Ergorest can help alleviate eye fatigue by lengthening the distance from the screen to the body. This prevents eye muscles from constantly contracting and safely protects vision making for an ideal office accessory. 

✅ QUICK INSTALLATION: ErgoRest™ utilizes a tool-free clamp base that is made from strong aluminum alloy which can hold up to 10kg (22lbs) of weight. This fast and easy installation allows ErgoRest™ to be entirely portable, making it great for both home and office use.

How To Use ErgoRest 



We understand what it's like to experience physical discomfort and fatigue when at your desk, especially when working long hours. The upper body can start to feel distractingly stiff with the repetitive motions of computer use, making it difficult to focus on tasks, and adding extra stress to our days. A recent study conducted at Princeton University found that hand pains related to computer use may indicate the early onset of long-term health issues, with the most common symptom being tendonitis.

Thankfully, ErgoRest™ provides genuine ergonomic support for the upper body, offering a more productive, and healthier way to use the computer. Setting up a comfortable workstation is easily achievable with ErgoRest™ as it offers a fully adjustable design to allow for free movement, relieving pressure off of the wrists while improving posture. Feel the alleviating effects of ErgoRest™ and upgrade the office space today with the ultimate level of comfort and support!


Materials: Aluminum Alloy 
Dimensions: 15 x 4.5 inches

Package Content:
 1 x Ergo Rest™ Desk Armrest



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