Creator Max™ - Smart AI Tracking Gimbel

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"I absolutely love this device for creating my Instagram reels and TikToks! It's very fun and easy to use, there is no app required and it follows me perfectly while dancing and filming yoga! This is a must-have for upping the quality of your videos and live streams." 

 - Victoria L.
 Verified Buyer 

Creating engaging content and capturing special moments is desirable to grow social media accounts and make memorable videos, whether it be for Instagram reels, live streams, etc. However, without a videographer, it can be difficult to create videos in motion which can cause content to lack in quality. With millions of people posting, creators produce new and competitive content which can feel overwhelming to match.

Introducing Creator Max™, an advanced AI tracking device that is designed to offer a new experience for digital creation in motion. With detachable LED lights and wireless Bluetooth capabilities, it's possible to film hands-free as it has 360-degree rotations to follow all movements effortlessly. Mount this device to a tripod for maximum adjustability and create better content for higher views to stand out from the crowd!

Reasons You'll Love Creator Max™

✅ AUTO OBJECT TRACKING: Creator Max™ follows a chosen face or object in motion, with 360-degree rotations for smooth movement tracking. Create high quality footage and free hands for video calls, live streams and more.

 Wirelessly connect the remote for full control over shooting options. Capture pictures and start and stop videos as needed without interruption for smoother flow and less editing! 

✅ LED LIGHTS: Creator Max™ offers 3 dimmable modes of colored LED lights to find the perfect hue when creating. Beautifully highlight accents and contour the face for stunning content. 

This device has a built-in camera and an intelligent AI to track any moving object without the hassle of an app. Film anywhere and save time while increasing productivity! 

✅ TRIPOD MOUNTABLE: Creator Max™ can be used with a tripod to fully extend the length and range of videos possible. Create unique and captivating content with multiple angle lengths and frame options. 

We understand that shooting engaging content can be a challenge when alone and there is a desire to capture different angles and mobility when telling a story. It can be frustrating to film an entire video only to find out it didn't turn out as expected, or that it needs hours of editing. Social media content is becoming more competitive, a recent study found that 67% of creators lose followers and revenue with poor video/image quality across all platforms (TeenVouge, 2022).

Thankfully, Creator Max™ is designed to help create unique, captivating content anytime, anywhere with the utmost flexibility. From advanced AI tracking, effective lighting, and endless shooting options, it's the ultimate device to film effortlessly in motion. Whether it be for YouTube videos, TikTok, Instagram lives, or just for fun, Creator Max™ is the ideal choice to experience a new and fun way to create content! 

Weight: 0.75 kg
Dimensions: 50 x 170 x 210 cm
Max Loading Capacity: 5 kg
Use: Mobile Phone/ Video Camera/ Digital Camera/ Gimbal stabilizer
Application: Vlog/ Live/ Camera/ Photo

Package Includes: 
1 x Creator Max™
2 x LED Lights 
1 x BT Remote Control
1 x Instruction Manual 

Our Guarantee

Try Creator Max™ Risk-Free. We believe in the quality of our products, that is why we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. 

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