Sandmerize™ - 3D Sand Art

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This memorizing piece is the perfect accessory for any room! It's so beautiful and calming to watch the sand slowly fall down, and the colors are majestic and vibrant. Can't recommend this enough!" 

 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Caitlin R. 
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Every so often it is common for us to feel stress and anxiety when the daily challenges of life seem overwhelming. Having a safe place at home to unwind can be the perfect remedy, but finding home décor that aids in relaxation takes time and effort. A room that speaks to the heart and promotes calmness is paramount after any long day.  

Introducing Sandmerize™, an elegant and timeless art piece that is sure to make any room feel like a safe haven. With a subtle shift of position, you can watch gravity work its magic and embrace sensations of tranquility and peace as beautiful droplets of sand fall to create abstract images of natural wonders. Art never felt so good, this moving image makes time feel still in an uplifting way.

Reasons You'll Love Sandmerize™

 TRANQUIL RELAXATION - Feel the calming sensations of serenity when watching this piece work its magic to create stunning images of sand art. Embrace a deep sense of relaxation in a moment's turn! 

 CONVERSATION STARTER - This unique and graceful piece is memorable in any home. Spark curiosity and let imaginations run wild as sand gently falls to create beautiful images of natural wonders. 

UNIQUE IMAGE WITH EACH TURN - With every turn Sandmerize™ will effortlessly form into new eccentric shapes and formations. Enjoy endless amounts of beauty as no two images will be the same!



Tips for the Perfect Flow:

1. The slower the flow rate of sand, the more prominent the effect;

2. If the sand flow is too fast, it is because the bubbles are too big. At this time, it should be shaken up and down for a few minutes to make the bubbles smaller. 

3. If the sand cannot flow down, it means that the bubbles are too small. At this time, slide slowly left and right for a few minutes to let the bubbles coalesce. 

We understand that sometimes life can be overwhelming, and everyone needs a place to unwind at home, but finding the perfect décor can be a challenge. It can be frustrating to attempt to calm the mind when the outside world is too loud, promoting feelings of stress and anxiety. About 80% of Americans experience stress on a daily basis (Patterson, Eric 2021).

Thankfully, Sandmerize™ offers a moment's escape from the pandemonium of life with a divine sensation of relaxation and memorization. This sandscape is not only stunning, but it can also be the perfect anti-stress remedy when experiencing the calming effects of a tranquil flow. Fall into the beauty of sand art by envisioning natural wonders, a truly gorgeous piece of timeless art!

 Package Includes: 
1 x  Sandmerize™ - 3D Sand Art 

Product Specifications: 
Dimensions: 18cm x 19cm

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