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"The Chillster Cooling Mat is a great product, it is completely reusable and helps cool my dog even on the hottest days! It fits right in his bed, but we also bring it with us in the car for road trips. It feels cool to touch even on my skin. Very high quality and it's nice to know we're keeping him safe from the heat. Recommend to all pet owners." 

-Shane Hemington
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Keep Your Pet Cool and Prevent Heat Stroke!  

Summer heat can be uncomfortable and even dangerous, especially for our furry friends. Our pets can experience dehydration, exhaustion and heat stoke, a potentially fatal side effect when they overheat. Laying on their traditional bedding or the couch can make them even hotterPets are not able to sweat like humans and if the humidity is too high, they are unable to cool themselves, their temperature along with their heart rate will skyrocket to dangerous levels—very quickly. 

That is why we designed the revolutionary Chillster Cooling Mat, a self cooling pad that is suitable for any pet. With our innovative ice silk fabric, the reusable mat begins to cool your pet as they lay on it. The cooling interior works to instantly absorbs body heat from your pet, keeping them safe and happy while giving them a better rest. Bring our portable mat with you anywhere and protect your pet from the dangers of heat stroke! 

Instantly Cools your Hot Pet

Our innovative cooling technology is pressure activated, the ice silk material absorbs body heat and sweat to work instantly as soon as your pet lays on the mat. It can be used anytime without the need to be refrigerated, making it available for your pet whenever they need it.

Protect your Bestfriend

Never worry about your pets panting again as keeping them cool this summer has never been easier. The Chillster can help prevent common health issues such as overheating, dehydration and exhaustion and having a soft mat instead of using the hard surface of floors will also protect your pets bones and joints.

Enhance Quality of Life

Having a safe place to cool off can relieve anxiousness and discomfort from your pet when they become too hot. Help them relax and have better quality rest, even on the hottest days your pet will feel happy knowing they can sleep comfortably! 

Use it anytime, anywhere!  

Bring your pet and their mat along with you on the next adventure, the Chillster is perfect for in the car, on the beach and in parks! Our mat is light and effective for any type of fun things you and your furry friend might get up to. 

Eco-friendly and Non-toxic

The Chillster Cooling Mat is a non-toxic solution for pets, their owners, and the planet. We use the highest quality of ice silk fabric that does not contain chemicals, polymers, glues, crystals or phase change material so weather your pet sleeps, plays or sits on their mat they are 100% safe from any harmful toxins

Fast and Easy to Clean 

The Chillster mat is a completely reusable self-cooling pad that can be used wherever your pet goes, meaning it may get dirty over time. However it is machine and hand wash safe for a fast and easy clean when needed!

How Does It Work?

 Our innovative ice silk fabric is compelled with cold jade element crystals that are pressure activated and scientifically proven to promote heat absorption and fast heat dissipation.

When your pet lays on our mat, their body temperature will quickly be reduced to a comfortable level. Our mat is automatically cooled and does not require any action to cool the mat.

Seeing your pet panting heavily or drinking excessive water on a hot day can be worrying, and even make you feel helpless. They are unable to tell us if something is wrong, and not knowing if they are in danger can be a freighting feeling. Heat stroke is a serious life-threatening condition that can cause lethargy, weakness, seizures and brain damage, so it is imperative we take measures to protect our furry friends. 

The Chillster Cooling Mat can reduce the chance of your dog or cat suffering. Your pet will lay on it's soft cooling mat and feel relieved as the mat starts to absorb body heat and sweat and begins to lower your pets body temperature. Protect your beloved pet from the dangers of overheating, dehydration and exhaustion and give your pet the ultimate relaxation and a life they deserve, keep them comfortable and cool all summer long with Chillster! 

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Our Guarantee

Buy the Chillster Cooling Mat Today with No Risks! We believe in the quality of our products and offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! 

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