Blazed™ Unisex Heated Vest

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"This heated vest is everything I could ask for. It's fantastic for anything outdoors. I use it when hunting, in the early mornings it can get below zero and this vest keeps my back, stomach, shoulders and neck very warm no matter the temperature outside. 100% recommend."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  - Jeff L.
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Bring It On Winter

Handling cold winters can be extremely tough, the harsh winds, snow and ice can leave us struggling to stay warm. Wearing additional layers of clothing to cultivate heat is an uncomfortable feeling, it limits our range of motion and creates a bulky appearance. Without a proper body temperature winters can be brutal and derail us from the activities we love in the outdoors. 

Introducing Blazed, an innovative electrical heating vest that provides supreme warmth and relief under any weather condition! This isn't any ordinary vest, Blazed features a one-touch heating function with three levels of heat from 25°C - 45°C and nine built-in heating zones for full-coverage comfort. Experience the highest quality of insulated warmth in style, perfect for any outdoor enthusiasts. 

 FEEL THE HEAT - Own this winter feeling extra warm and cozy by wearing Blazed. This vest heats up lightning fast and stays warm for 12+ hours with our recommended battery for all-day heat.

 GET OUTDOORS - Withstand the cold with confidence and be outside longer! With the extra heat, you can combat the weather and continue to do the outdoor activities you love. 

 LOOK GOOD - With three color options to choose from, Blazed offers a simple, stylish look. A 'must-have' piece for surviving the winter and perfect for layering with your favorite shell or wearing as a stand-alone.

 BE IN CONTROL - Adjust the temperature as the weather changes from 25°C - 45°C and experience your own portable furnace! Be in control of the day, not the weather! 


We understand that winters can get frighteningly, bone-chilling cold, and bearing through the snowy months is a challenge without proper clothing. It can feel heart-wrenching to skip the outdoor activities we love due to the frosty temperatures, and wearing multiple layers of clothing seems like a daunting task. Being out in the cold and suffering through the windy days is never a fun time. 

Thankfully, you can now zip up and wear Blazed™, a comfortable, warm and stylish choice for all cold seasons. So whether you're adventuring through treacherous hikes, going for early morning hunts, fishing, taking your bike out, or just shoveling the snow Blazed™ is the ultimate choice for absolute comfort and heated warmth all winter long! Never let the cold get you down, stay warm and trek on with Blazed™. 


 Frequently Asked Questions 

What size and kind of battery does it use?

Blazed™ vests use a standard USB Power Bank (18W 5A), and we recommend 10,000 mAH to get up to +12 hours of heat.

Due to international shipping restrictions, the power banks are sold separately.

You will be given the option to add one to your order at checkout! Or you can add the bundle offer on this page.

How do I know what size I should order?

Please refer to our SIZING CHART. If you're in between two sizes, we recommend going with the larger size because they are manufactured based on international measurements, and run a little smaller than what you may be used to! 

Note: Our vests are labeled with the International Size, not the US Size. So when you receive your vest, the tag may say a different size than the one you ordered, but this does not mean you received the wrong size. For example, if you ordered a 2XL, the vest you receive will say 4XL on the tag. We have simply adjusted the size names to help our customers select the correct size. 

How many heat settings & zones are there?

There are 3 heat settings: low, medium, and high. There are 4 heat zones: 1 in the back neck area, 1 on the back, and 1 on each side of the vest near the stomach.

How many hours does it last on one charge?

Our vest will last up to 12 hours on the low heat setting while using a 10,000 mAH external battery pack (the recommended battery, sold separately). If you're using medium or high heat, and/or using a smaller power bank, it will provide heat for a shorter period of time, depending on those factors. You will be given the option to add our recommended battery to your order during checkout. 

How do I use it? Do you have instructions? 

Unzip the interior pocket and connect the USB cable to your power bank. Hold the button down for 3 seconds to turn it On/Off. A flashing light means that it's heating up. To switch through different heat settings, click the button once. White is low heat, blue is medium, red is high. 

Please note that the battery may be shipped separately and arrive before or after your vest.




Package Includes: 

1 x Blazed™ Unisex Heated Vest with USB charger 
Requires Power Bank (18W 5A) sold separately


Our Guarantee 

Try Blazed™ Risk-Free. We believe in the quality of our products, that is why we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. 

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