ArtPalz™ - Educational Drawing Projector

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"Both my kids just love their ArtPalz! It's fun to watch them concentrate and grow their artistic confidence while they create beautiful drawings. They spend hours entertaining themselves and it's really cool to see their creativity develop!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Tania H.  
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For Creative Fun and Entertainment!

Keeping our kids entertained for long periods can be a challenging task. Putting them in front of the TV or a tablet with too much screen time can cause negative effects, such as losing interest in homework or hobbies, and an increase in frustration and temper tantrums. Children's minds are constantly developing, and the skill of being able to express themselves in a creative manner is often neglected.

Introducing ArtPalz, a fun and interactive drawing table that offers projecting images for children to trace and develop their fine and gross motor skills! Satisfy kids' curiosity and allow their imaginations to thrive, with this adorable design children can learn to increase focus while having the freedom to express themselves. ArtPalz is a calming activity for any child that allows them to experience an endless amount of creativity and fun!

 Your Kids Will Love This!

✅ IMPROVES CONFIDENCE -  ArtPalz allows children to express themselves in an artistic manner as their drawings can be colorful and unique. They can use the projecting screen to trace an image of their choice, or use the drawing board and let their imagination flow freely!

✅ INCREASE DEVELOPMENT - By following the traceable images children will improve their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. They can gain an increased understanding of color perception, a fundamental concept!

✅ ENHANCES FOCUS - ArtPalz allows children to concentrate on the image they want to draw and develop patience for art. With Artpalz™  you can dim the lights to see the projections more vividly, allowing minimal distractions to your child. 

✅ MUSIC TO RELAX - Playing with ArtPalz is a calm and relaxing activity that stimulates happy endorphins, especially when the playful music feature is on! Let your child sing along to their favorite tune while drawing limitless possibilities! 


PLAYFUL COMPANION - A loveable and friendly design so kids can feel like their toy is a real friend! ArtPalz™ is a great way to allow kids to feel connected to their toys and build on emotional and social interrelations.

 FUN FOR EVERYONE - Spend time bonding with your little one, parents can draw too and create keepsake artwork with over 24 different images! Your child will feel accomplished after completing their drawing and being able to show it off! 


We understand parenting can sometimes be hard, and constantly trying to entertain your kids is challenging when life is busy, especially if trying to avoid excessive screen time. It can feel worrisome not knowing if your child is learning enough as they play. Finding the right toys for our children to play with is an important step for their development, but it can seem overwhelming with all the options available today. 

Thankfully, you can now use ArtPalz to let children have fun with an educational toy that can support kids' development by increasing their IQ, satisfying their curiosity, and helping them learn about the world around them. Stimulate your children's cognitive creative development away from mobile, tablet, and TV screens and nurture their creativity. Your kids will love ArtPalz, watch their little eyes light up with joy when they see this, and let their inner artistic side shine! 



Recommend Age: 1-8y
Material: Eco- friendly ABS Plastic 
2x AA Batteries Required
Width: 29.5 cm 
Height: 38cm 

Package Includes:

1x ArtPalz™ Drawing Projector
3 x Pattern Slides (24 images in total)
1 x Eraser/ Cloth
1 x Blank Drawing Book
12 x Color Painting Pens


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