AnglerPro™ - Automatic Fishing Rod Holder

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Had these rod holders on our last fishing trip, they were fantastic. We set them up a few feet away from us and caught lots of pikes that day. Easy to use and set up and made the overall experience better"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Matt Cook 
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Never Miss A Bite! 

Fishing is a relaxing sport that people enjoy doing in their spare time, however, a lot of time is spent holding the rod and waiting for a bite. A constant hold and attention to the rod can add stress and take away from the relaxation of fishing. Unfortunately, if a bite is not realized and reeled in quickly it can create lost opportunity for a catch, making the time feel unsuccessful.

Introducing AnglerPro™, an automatic fishing rod holder that quickly springs into action for an effective and immediate catch when a fish is hooked. This strong in-ground holder works with any rod, and offers a hands-free way to fish so fishermen can truly relax and unwind! Always see a catch with this nifty device, and get the ultimate fishing experience.

Reasons You'll Love AnglerPro™ 

✅ RELIABLE TRIGGER: AnglerPro™ has a highly delicate trigger that has an adjustable sensitivity to match any size of fish. The trigger detects bites in all types of settings to help lure multiple catches. 

✅ INCREASED SUCCESS RATE: The magic of AnglerPro™ is the ability to multiply the odds of catching fish. With a hands-free design, multiple rods will be used at the same time to increase the chance of success.

Using AnglerPro™ helps take the pressure off of feeling for a bite by automatically springing into action when a fish is lured. Sit back, have a drink, or read a book while leaving the fun of reeling in! 

✅ STRONG & DURABLE: Made to last, AnglerPro™ has a ground insertion length of 27.5cm to reach deep into the soil and support up to 110lbs of weight. Feel confident knowing a rod won't be lost with the hook, and catch bigger fish with ease.


We understand that it is a struggle to always be holding a rod and checking for bites when trying to relax while fishing. It can start to feel stressful when you think you are missing potential catches by not reeling in at the right time. With conventional fishing, Just Fishing Magzine (2021) has found that many lines snap and a good quantity of fish are lost at the last second because of an overeager angler. 

Thankfully, Angler Pro™ is designed to increase the odds of a catch for a higher success rate while out fishing! Simply cast, and allow AnglerPro™ to take the stress out of waiting for the next big fish on the line as it automatically springs up after the trigger is set. Reach greater volumes and species of fish by easily setting up multiple rods for the next fishing adventure, and experience relaxation while fishing like never before.

Material: Stainless steel 
Weight: 368g

Package Includes:
1 x  AnglerPro™ Automatic Fishing Rod Holder
1 x User Manual 


Our Guarantee

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