LiquidX - 2 in 1

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Never skip wearing your favorite lashes!

Say goodbye to heavy magnets and uncomfortable glue, now you can put on your favorite eyelashes easier than ever before with LiquidX 2 in 1. Create the perfect support for your lashy looks by using our exclusive eyeliner that sticks on your lashes for an all day wear!

You can easily create seamless lines of any style with it's thin tip. LiquidX holds under water and tension to keep your lashes put throughout your daily activities.

Get ready faster without messing up the rest of your make-up, LiquidX dries in mere moments without taking too much of your time! 

Why LiquidX is for you

A natural feel- Start wearing lashes without weighing yourself down, replace the magnets and glue with a comfortable hold! Works with any type of lash! 

Waterproof- At the gym or enjoying a pool day? LiquidX is 100% waterproof

No messy gluesEnjoy seamless support for your makeup while avoiding ruining your makeup with white glue that sticks everywhere!

Instant activation- In a hurry? LiquidX dries in mere moments so you can work your magic without having to wait or be late.

LiquidX is the ultimate choice-  Do your makeup like a pro and create a beautiful eye look for yourself!

 Wear your Lashes with Confidence with LiquidX